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Sahaj Marg Teaches a Easy way to Meditate & Being Spiritual

Sahaj Marg serves an easy and natural way to evolve yourself and improves your Spiritual growth. “Sahaj Marg” is a Sanskrit word which means “a natural path”. So it offers us a Natural path to Meditate and can evolve yourself Spiritually. It was Developed in India just to help you become spiritual rather than being religious. I think, there is a Huge Difference between Being Religious and Being Spiritual which I will try to explain in my other articles.

What is Sahaj Marg ?

Sahaj Marg teaches us a method of Raja Yoga which is a Yoga of mind with a zero cost with a goal of God Realisation and Remembrance. As it is believed that, God always resides inside our body only and moreover resides in our heart. So, Sahaj Marg Recommends the Heart as the centre point of Meditation.

Sahaj Marg is run by Organization unit named as Shri Ram Chandra Mission(SRCM) which was started by Beloved Master Shri Ram Chandra in 1945 in Shahanjpur just to teach people the real meaning of Spirituality and also to serve people the techniques which he learnt from his Spiritual Master Lalaji.

Why Sahaj Marg for Spiritual Growth ??

You Might be thinking that Meditation is a big word and difficult thing to do. Sahaj Marg works to change this thought only. Among all different Meditation Techniques discussed in Indian Veda, It is one of the easiest ways to meditate which not only provides you with the possibility of spiritual evolution but also with a natural way. Some of the Key Points are listed below:

  1. Sahaj Marg is freely available to all Humans with just a basic requirement of Willingness of being spiritual.
  2. It provides you with the ability of self-transformation which only leads to social transformation.
  3. it holds a unique concept of Transmission which is just like Yogic energy is transmitted to a person by their spiritual guides. More about transmission will be discussed further in this article.
  4. Cleaning is another unique aspect by Sahaj Marg in which we use our willpower to remove all the Complexities, Impressions and Negativity from our body System which boost your spiritual growth.
  5. Everything is Taught with their Practical & Spiritual Reasons. You are not asked to believe here, Rather you will be asked to Experience.
  6. There are no rigid dogmas, rituals and mechanical practices followed here.
  7. Sahaj Marg follows the Meditation in a Heartfulness way, it means that Heart will be taken as a centre point to Meditate which helps to evolve from inside.

I hope, You got a clear understanding now, Why you should choose Sahaj Marg for your Spiritual Journey.

Learn Meditation in a Simple Way.

Common Terms Used in Sahaj Marg

  1. Heartfulness
    Sahaj Marg teaches the Meditation technique is called a Heartfulness. It is called so as Meditation in Sahaj Marg is done on Heart by a Simple Thought “A Divine already resides inside our heart and it’s pulling you inside”.So You might be wondering? Why Heart is Chosen? A heart is a main part of the body and its work is to pump the blood to the whole body. And Also Heart is treated the purest part of the body which always shows us a right path.
  2. Master
    Just like we have a Principal in school who holds the core Responsibility of the whole School including teachers, Student and other resources. As Same we have a Master in Sahaj Marg who is a responsible and running body of it who is Master Kamlesh right now. You can also think Master like a guru.
  3. Percepter
    Percepters are just like the teachers appointed in the school with a Proper Knowledge and Resources so that they could transform the students through the instructions given by Principal. Even Principal appoints the teachers who are capable of delivering on the basis of his instructions as the Percepter does in Sahaj Marg.
  4. Abhyasi
    Abhyasi is a just like a student in a school. If you join Sahaj Marg for your Spiritual Journey then you will be called as Abhyasi as you do Abhyas or meditate for your self-evolution
  5. Transmission
    Transmission is a Yogic energy transmitted from Master to Abhyasi by the means of Percepter. This energy is also called as ‘pranahuti’ in which ‘prana’ means life force and ‘ahuti’ means offering. It is also called as ‘forceless force’ which is capable of generating quality spiritual transformation.

Masters of Sahaj Marg

How to Join Sahaj Marg?

Joining Sahaj Marg is totally free of cost, just require the willingness to learn and practise is must join it.

To Become an Abhyasi, You can call Their Indian Toll Free Number 18001037726 which is active and available for the Queries of Abhyasi and seekers who want to join Sahaj Marg. Toll-Free Number is active from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm IST. If you are new to Sahaj Marg or you want to join it, Just enquire through the process of Joining and they will guide you.
Also, You can visit their Official Website https://www.sahajmarg.org for more Information or You can Download the Mobile Application on Android Play Store or Apple App Store.




To Conclude, Sahaj Marg is a natural way to Meditate. In case of any Query or addition request of any Knowledgeful resource regarding Sahaj Marg. Please Leave a Comment with us.

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