10 Sai Baba Mantra for Success, Prosperity, Job & Marriage

Sai Baba Mantra for Success

Hello Friends, This Post is about the Shri Sai Baba Mantra and How to Chant it to achieve your Desires whether it is money, Prosperity, Success, Job, Beauty and even Marriage.

The grace of Sai Baba always remains on his devotees and Baba always keeps watching his devotees even if you live anywhere. Sai Baba can remove all the sorrows by your devotion, love and trust towards him in the form of his blessings.

Sai Baba is a magical power that does not ask your caste or religion. Thus, you can chant start Sai Baba mantra whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Islam or other religions and stay away from any kind of obstacles in your way of life.

Different Sai Mantras are Available which are meant to meet different Desires. Before Learning them, let’s talk about, Who is Sai Baba?

Something about Shri Sai Baba

Everyone knows him as a Shirdi Sai Baba as he lived the majority of his life in Shirdi, Maharashtra and died in 1918. He was an Indian spiritual master who is known as saint, fakir, sadguru and known as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and Dattatreya.

There are lots of myth about Sai Baba that he was born in Brahmin family. Some people also say that he was born in a Muslim family but no one knows exactly that In Which family he was born in. There are lots of communities who claim that baba belongs to their respective community or Dharma but none of them proven till now.

Now come to baba’s life, baba came to Shirdi at the age of 16th. People were so amazed at the fact that at such a young age, seeing baba’s reverence for God and deep meditation sitting in an asana under neem tree without any food and water for several days.

From his Miracle and his unique and attractive personality, he got the attention of the people of Shirdi and spent his entire life in Shirdi.

Baba always encouraged to the charity and spread happiness and love everywhere.

Sai Baba performed many miracles and gave us many mantras.

In this world every person has their own desire, when we fail in life to get our desires, then the mantras help you to get your desires and achieve your goal.

Here are List of Mantras, Lets Discuss 🙂

10 Different Sai Mantras for your Desires

1.Sai Baba Mantra for Success

!!ॐ साईं राम!!

First and most common mantra to remove misfortunes, This mantra will help you to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

By chanting this powerful mantra, Your problems will be destroyed and desires will be fulfilled and enhance your confidence to tackle the situation.

2. Sai Mantra for Marriage

!! श्री साई प्रेमा प्रदाय नमः!!,
!! श्री साई प्रेमा प्रदाय नमः!!

If you are facing an issue in your marriage. Chanting this mantra can help you out to remove obstacles from the path of your marriage.

3. Shirdi Sai Mantra for Love Marriage

!!ओम सिद्ध संकलपाय नमः!!
!!ओम सिद्ध संकलपाय नमः!!

If you are facing an issue in your love marriage or your parents are not agreeing then chanting this mantra can help out to remove hurdles and everything will go in your favour soon.

4. Shri Sai Mantra for Child/Pregnancy

!!ओम शेष साईं नमः!!
!!ओम शेषा नमः!!

If you are facing an issue in your pregnancy or you don’t have any child then chant this mantra regularly then you will see the miraculous results soon.

5. Sai Mantra for Job

!!त्र्यं देवानां तत्रगुणजितानां तव शिवः!!
!!भवेत पूजा पूजा तव चरणायोर्या विरचिता!!

If you are facing an issue in your job or you are not finding a good job then chant sai baba mantra and you will start finding some solution for your career.

This mantra also helps in creating a positive environment in an office, If you are an Entrepreneur. 

6. Sai Baba Mantra for Prosperity, Happiness, Success, Felicity and Welfare

!!ओम् शिरडी वसया विद्महे सचिदानंद!!
!!धीमहि तन्नो साईं प्रचोदयात्!!

This mantra gives you prosperity toward your goal and happiness. Chanting this mantra for one month regularly can create miracles in spreading happiness, prosperity everywhere.

7. Om Sai Mantra for Money

!!श्री साईँ परमसुखदाय नमः!!

Anyone who is suffering from financial Problems in your life. For them, these spells are not less than magic. Chanting this mantra can quickly ease your life by attracting a lot of money and wealth by Baba’s Blessings.

8. Baba’s Mantra for Untimely Death

!!साईँ मृत्युंजय नमः!!

This mantra can prevent untimely death and gives you a happy and long life. Chant it Regularly 108 times a day to expect effects.

9. Mantra for Intelligence

!!श्री साईँ ज्ञानवैराग्यदाय नमः!!

Chanting of Sai Mantra will gifts you a sharp mind. If your child is weak in studies, Either he or she is not able to concentrate or even not able to achieve expected results after a lot of hard work then you should chant this mantra every morning for him/her. You will definitely find improvements in your child’s performance.

10. Shri Sai Baba’s Mantra for Beauty

!!ॐ साईँ चन्द्राये नमः!!

This mantra is for beautiful skin and spotless skin. Chanting this mantra in the morning will see your skin glowing day by day. Definitely, your Husband or your Boyfriend will praise you for it ***. Just Kidding.

How to Chant This Mantra

For Successful chanting of Sai Baba Mantra, first, you need lotus seed mala/rosary or a Rudraksha mala.

You can start chanting these mantras from Thursday. We all know that Thursday is Sai Baba’s day. If you will start chanting Sai Mantra 108 times a day. Multiply by 5 daily till your problem doesn’t get solved.

Best Sai Baba Mantra for Success

Sai Baba Mantra Benefits

  1. Sai Baba Mantra can help you to achieve overall Happiness in your life.
  2. This mantra has the power to provide new direction to life which can help you in creating a positive mindset to tackle the problems in a better way.
  3. Chanting the Mantra for beauty can gift you a glowing and Attractive Skin.
  4. This Mantra can help you to achieve Better Concentration, especially for Children.
  5. It is also useful to Improve Relationship Areas of your Life.
  6. Lastly, Sai Mantra can help you to attract good luck and fortune in your life.

Rest, We have discussed all the Benefits of Sai Baba Mantra with the Particular Mantra mentioned Above. You can select the mantra from the above list of mantras to achieve, What you Need.

I pray to baba that everyone’s wishes are fulfilled and everyone who is prosperous will not have any problem.

!!Jai Sai Ram!!



    • As Written in Article, You should chant Sai Baba Mantra 108 Times at least to get success in Love Marriage.

      Divine Thanks


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