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We are here to guide you with the spiritual path to solve your daily Physical and Mental issues through Reiki, Cosmic Healings, and Meditation. We also want to aware people about the different misconceptions and Myths regarding different religious mantras.


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Bhavay Dawar - Founder of Heart Meet Soul

I Bhavay Dawar – Spiritual Believer, Sahaj Marg Abhyasi & Founder of Heart Meet Soul and SoftSolvate(Technology Company).

Heart Meet Soul is made of 3 Words – ‘Heart’ which is the place of Feelings, ‘Soul’ is the Immortal and Spiritual Part of Human Being. Hence We Believe in working in the direction of meeting your Soul with Heart which is also the core Goal of Spirituality.

Another Goal of This Website is to Help to achieve Spiritual Progress. We also want people to aware of different spiritual Healing Techniques in the World which are more effective than our medication system such as Reiki Healing, Cosmic Healing, Switchwords, etc.