myth: we shouldn't cut nails night

Why We should not cut Nails at Night – The Hidden Truth

Hello Friends, As We are told that, We should not Cut Nails at Night. Have You ever thought, Why It is Said so? When we ask our Parents or our Guardians about the Reason. They used to answer that Their Parents have told them, But they don’t know the reason behind it. So let’s Clear the Doubts about it Now.

Before Discussing the Superstitious Believes About The Nail Cut at Night, Lets Discuss Why We Cut Nails?

We Cut Nails just to avoid accumulation of Dust and germs inside the Nails which can go inside our body while having food. So Cutting Nails is considered as a Healthy Habit to avoid getting ill. But our Parents and Ancestors don’t allow us to cut the nails at night. We are discussing the Practical and Logical reason for their Belief.

Practical Reasons for the Belief, We Should not cut Nails at night

  1. During the Old Days, There was no Electricity. People used to live in a Kerosene Dim Lamps which was not much brighter which results to a Darker Nights and There was no Nail Cutter. People used to use Knifes or Blade to cut their Nails. In such darker Nights, People had the risk of getting fingers Bleed. To Avoid that Mishappening, People used to say, We shouldn’t cut the Nails at Night. This was the Major Cause of this Superstitious Belief.
  2. Second Reason is People used to do some religious activities after sunset and Cutting Nails at that time can let the nails spread around the place which could make the surroundings dirty. That makes the place impure to do the Puja.
    People used to worship at night
  3. Third Major Reason is with Health and Hygiene i.e Cutting Nails during those darker nights may let the nail pieces get mixed with food which could cause Hygiene and Allergic Problems.
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  4. Fourth Reason is related to Black magic which often requires the broken nail piece or a piece of shirt worn by the concerned person. Therefore, it was believed that when nails fall on the ground during the darker night, evil spirits or people performing black magic against us might gather our nail piece and use them for causing harm to us.
    Black Magic Using nails

But It has become a Superstitious Myth today

Today, We have Electricity with Brighter lights. So There is no problem in cutting nails at night. So there are no chances of Hand Cut and Bleed not even nails mixing inside our food. But Make Sure, Do it under brighter lights. But even today, Myth is still prevailing between us. We can also say that Scientific reason of past has become the Superstitious myth of today. I Hope, Your Myth must have been cleared now.
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