Krishna & Sudama Story

Shri Krishna and Sudama Friendship Story – Morals & Learning

It’s a Beautiful and Inspiring Real Story of Lord Krishna and Sudama which not only Inspires us but also teaches us the value of friendship, emotions, and devotion towards god.

It all started like, Lord Krishna was born in a family of Kings. Krishna was the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu who is a Supreme God in his own right. So Why Lord Vishnu Took a  new Birth as a Krishna ??

According to Vedas, Krishna was born to mother Devaki and father Vasudeva to kill the devil Brother of Devaki named Kansa as Fortune Tellers told Kansa at the Devaki Wedding, that one of Devaki’s child will kill him. So he decided to kill all the children of Devaki as she gives birth to any child. But Krishna grew up with Nanda Baba and Yasoda near Mathura. But Later on, Lord Krishna played an important role in Mahabharata, Delivering Bhagwat Geeta Lesson which is treated as Bhagwat Purana in Hinduism.

Who was Sudama?

Do you know? Who was Sudama? Sudama was the child of Matuka and Rochana Devi. He belonged to a poor Brahman family. Lord Krishna and Sudama were the childhood friends and schoolmate at Gurukul studied under the guidance of Guru Sandipani. After their Education got Completed, They got separated. But Neither Krishna nor Sudama was not ready to forget each other.

So When both grew up. Sudama was till a Poor person suffering in his life with his wife and his children due to poverty. But he was the person who was dedicated to the religious path teaching religions to people and the real meaning of our life. Meanwhile, Lord Krishna became the King of Dwarka.

Sudama with His Wife Vasundra

When Sudama and his family was suffering much from Poverty and was not even having money to feed his children. Then His Wife Vasundhara reminded Sudama of his childhood friend Krishna and requested him to meet him to get some help. But Sudama refused to go just for help as he was the true devotee of Krishna and don’t want himself to feel as selfish as he was truly a religious and spiritual Brahman.

Sudama agrees with Vasundra to visit Krishna Palace

But Sudama finally agrees to go to meet Lord Krishna. He left the place with some beaten rice tied in a piece of cloth as He remembers that Krishna loves Beaten rice. As the Sudama reaches the Dwarika’s Kings place. He asked the gate guardians to let him go inside to meet Lord Krishna. He also told that Krishna is his Childhood friend. Even the Door Guardian treated him mad as his condition was too poor that even his clothes were ripped. But he requested Guardians to notify Krishna about his arrival. After so many requests, Guardians decided to ask Krishna about Sudama.

Krishna Hugged Sudama

As Guardian told Krishna about Sudama’s Arrival on Gate. Then Lord Krishna ran away leaving everything as it is just to see him. Krishna was so pleased to see his old friend. He Hugged him on road in front of everyone for much time without even thinking of the social status of Sudama. Even Everyone was so shocked that Poor Brahman is the Best friend of the King of Dwarika – Lord Krishna which laid the new foundation of the word “Friendship” for the world.


Krishna Welcomed his friend Sudama in a Royal manner

Sudama wants to go back from there only as Sudama don’t want Krishna to get insulted in front of public just because of him but Krishna stops him and asked his guardians to welcome Sudama in a royal manner in his mention. Krishna welcomed Sudama with a shower of flowers with much love. He washed Sudama’s feet with his own hands to give the Godly treatment to Sudama. Krishna asked his maids to remove all the ripped clothes of Sudama and change it with royal clothes to feel him relaxed and Sudama was literally crying seeing such an unexpected royal treatment by his friend Krishna. Then Krishna offered a variety of food to Sudhama served by his Maids.

Lord Krishna Washed Sudama's Feet

Sudama gifted a bundle of Rice to Krishna

After having food, When Krishna and Sudama were relaxing and talking about their old days. Krishna saw that Sudama was hiding something from him. He replied gently, I think Bhabhi Ji has sent some gift for me, I think some delicious food for me. He requested Sudama to show the gift. Sudama was hiding it as he thought this small gift is nothing for a King of Dwaraka. But Krishna accepted the gift gently which was some rice tied in a piece of cloth and Krishna praised a lot for a gift that this gift is the best Present he ever received in his life and started eating it and shared the rice with Rukmini(incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi) too.

Sudama in Krishna's Mention

Sudama left Krishna Mention with Devotion in Heart & Empty Pocket

After some hours, Sudama decided to leave back for his home. Before Leaving, Krishna told, While Discussing old Memories, He Even forgets to ask the reason of visit from Sudama. He Asked gently, What was the reason for visiting Dwarika(Krishna’s Place). Sudama after forgetting all the demands replied gently He Visited just to meet him. He doesn’t have any demands from him. Sudama left the place with a deep Devotion in his heart for Krishna.

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Krishna decided to gift a Big Palace to Sudama

As Sudama left the place.After Understanding the Requirement and state of Sudama. Krishna decided to request Lord Vishvakarma(Deity of Creation of Universe) to re-construct a Sudama’s Home as same as the Krishna’s Palace as a return gift for a gift of rice presented by Sudama. After the Request of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishvakarma went to Sudhama House and told Vasundhra(Sudama’s Wife) about Krishna’s Request of re-construction of her home as same like Krishna’s Mention.

But Vasundhra refused his Proposal and requested Vishvakarma to re-construct every house of his village “Vrindapuri” as all citizens of this village are her family members and these residents have donated them a lot to feed their family. After taking Lord Krishna’s Approval for Whole Village re-construction, Vishvakarma started reconstructing the whole village and re-constructed the Sudama’s home in the end as suggested by Sudama’s Wife.

Krishna gifted Palace to Sudama

After Being Happy from Sudama’s Wife, Goddess Lakshmi also visited Sudama’s new House and gave Blessings of being younger and Beautiful throughout the life to get enough love from his Husband Sudama to live a Prosperous life.

Sudama got Surprised after reaching his home back

Lord Krishna & Radharani Temple

Sudama was very worried when he was travelling back to his home with Empty Hands and Pocket. He was worried about What he will reply to his Wife Vasundhra that his Friend Krishna departed him with Empty Pockets. But When Sudama reached his Home, He was not even able to find his Home as the place where his home was, looks like a Big Mention. When his Wife came out from the home. He got Surprised by the Changed Looks of his Wife and When Vasundhra told Sudama about the Krishna gift of new Home and all. He got Surprised and Thanked Krishna from the Deep Heart and started crying. That was the time, He Realized that he was wrong in his thoughts which came in his mind while travelling back.

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Moral & Lessons from Krishna Sudama Story

1. This Story teaches us the true meaning and value of friendship in this world. We should learn to make and help your friends without thinking about their Financial Status. Just like Krishna Stopped Sudama and Hugged him in Public. That shows the Immortal Example of Friendship Thatswhy They are Remembered till now whenever we talk about Friendship.

2. We shouldn’t Demand anything in return of our Devotion and Bhakti for god. As God Knows better than us that what we need and what we not? In Short, We should trust God for everything as Everything happens for a Good. God creates a Better plan than us, Trust me. In Sudama Case too, Krishna rewarded him with Wealth and Money even Sudama didn’t ask about anything from Lord.

3. God Always reward True Persons. You might be thinking, Krishna Rewarded Sudama just because he was his Childhood Friendship. But that is not correct. Krishna Rewarded him because, During Whole Life, Sudama followed the path of Spirituality and teaches many people about the moral duties, Religions. Krishna rewarded him just because he was a true person and God wants him to continue this Spiritual and Religious work with more energy and Relaxation.

In The end, I will just say,

Friendship never seeks richness and Poorness, Its Forever.

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