Chant Kleem Mantra To Attract Love & Solve Relationship Problems

Kleem Mantra Benefits

Kleem Mantra is the oldest and powerful mantras to attract Love as it is directly related to Goddess Maha Kali and Maa Durga.

Basically, It is one of the popular mantras known as Beej Mantra. Continuous Chanting of Kleem Mantra creates an Attraction of Love & Desire to your life. It has the power to attract love, friend, family, Relationships, Desires and even Money.

Kleem Mantra’s sound frequency is a very powerful Beej that creates Powerful Vibrations to attract anything If you Chant it in a Proper way which is shared below.

Are You Facing any Problems in Your Relationship, Marriage, Family or with your Friend?

Do you want to attract your ex, love, friend, family?

Are you still Single and want to find your Love ??

Then you are at right place.

Let’s Begin!

Meaning of Kleem Mantra

You must have heard or read a lot about it. Today, you will understand the exact meaning of Kleem Mantra today.

‘Kleem’ word consists of four seeds (Beej), First, beej is “K” which is the beej of Goddess Maa Kali or Maa Kamakhya or Maa Durga symbolizes attraction. The second beej is “L” which is the beej of Chakra which denotes powerful Red colour energy for concentration. The third beej is “E” which is a beej for speed and in this mantra, we have double “EE” for more speed. The fourth beej is “M” which is a  beej for power, the power to attract your loved one’s and desires.

In short “KLEEM” word is a perfect bunch of love, attraction, power, speed, consistency and success.

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Instructions to Chant Kleem Mantra

Let’s talk, How to Chant Kleem Mantra in a Profitable way.

Kleem mantra chanting or listening can be done any time in a day but during Brahma muhurta which is before sunrise is the best time for chanting or another good time is before going to sleep.

Sit Comfortably and Imagine the red dot between your eyebrows(third eye) and take a Thought of the person or Desire which you want to Attract and start chanting KLEMMM.

Red Dot at Third Eye to Chant Kleem
Imagine a Red Dot at Third Eye to Chant it!

You must chant it like Kleemmmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmmm Kleemmmmmmmm. Stretch the “M” part as like a bell when you stretch the bell sound comes hummmmm.

It’s a good practice to chant Kleem mantra from the heart in low pitch peacefully and lightly ignore the thoughts if any external thoughts come in between while chanting.

You can also include “Kleem” with any of the beej mantras to make its effect stronger. You can chant it individually too.

To Achieve good results Mantra chanting need to be done 108 times a day.

Kleem Creates Miracles

Do you know, How Strong the Kleem mantra is? It has the power to attract anything even in a short period of time.

This Mantra creates miracles to attract prosperity, happiness, love, and positivity to your life and you can attract all these things so easily with the help of it.

Let’s Begin with Love life, How it helps in your Love Life?

Kleem Mantra Heals Love Life and Love-related Problems

Love life can face many problems like inability to express your love to Girlfriend or your wife, loving relationship with your EX, loss of “LOVE” feeling for your wife, bad sexual life, etc. Kleem is the most powerful mantra that can be a remedy to all of these love life problems.

Kleem mantra will help you in your relationships or get your Ex back (Wife). It will heal your Love life and Love related problems. it will help to attract your partner or your Love and increase sex life too.

Kleem heals Negativity and brings Positivity 

When someone tries to do black magic or to send some negative energies on you. Then Kleem mantra plays a role as a Sanjeevni booty in that aspect and removes all negativity on you. It just creates a shield to block Negativity.

Additionally, Kleem Mantra heals your Health Problems

Chanting of Kleem Mantra can heal or cure many health problems like weakness and depression, shock. It increases affection, vigour, and motivation, therefore ‘AMRIT’ for tiredness, cold, frosty and inactive people. It also increases blood circulation.

Kleem Beej Mantra also boosts sexual power and physical fitness and removes tiredness and laziness in your body.

Of Course, Kleem bring Miracles to live your Desires 

This Mantra will help you to attract money, wealth and prosperity through appealing to what you want in your life or carrier and fulfil your dreams and wishes.

Sit Calm and chant Klee
Sit Calm & Chant Kleem to Attract Desires

Different Combinations of Kleem Mantra with Other Beej Mantras

Combination of Kleem and Goddess Durga Mantra for Power


Meaning of this mantra is, The worship of Goddess Maha Kali or Ma Durga removes the effect of all types of black magic, negativity, bad luck, health problems, wealth or problems created by enemies.

Kuber Money Mantra using Kleem for Money attraction


In Kuber Money Mantra, Kleem adds more power to it. In the Hindu culture, Goddess Kuber is a God of Money.

If you Chant Kuber Mantra Daily then you can attract Money, Prosperity & wealth in your life.

Kamdev Mantra using Kleem for Love & Sex Attraction.


Kleem Kamakhya mantra is the most powerful mantra for love Problems which is a perfect remedy all these problems related to your relationship.

Top 4 Benefits of Kleem Mantra

There is no other mantra powerful than Kleem mantra.

  1. It has the power to attract your loved ones and bring your love EX or wife back. This mantra has so many miraculous power like solving your love life problem and adding peace to your life.
  2. Chanting of Kleem mantra can heal and cure many health issues and illness like weakness, depression, headache, fever and stress.
  3. One greatest benefit is it increases sexual power or passionate love so that you can make your relationship better.
  4. It can boost up anything to attract your desires & dreams.

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Success Stories with Kleem Mantra

If you start chanting this mantra regularly for few days then you will feel that many opposite-sex (Girl/Boy) people start giving you attention. Your desired person who has never even interested to look at you now interested in you because he/ she feeling attraction to you even you are still the same in looks.

Why Kleem Mantra Works?

Yes!! It Works !!

You can relate Kleem with Goddess Kamakhya and Goddess Mahakali which attains Huge Powers, according to Hinduism.

This mantra can easily pull out desires from your inner mind and transmit to the divine energy to fulfil them easily which results in miracles.

Kleem’s Attraction power is also related to Lord Krishna, just like he had the attractive body and attractive behaviour Thatswhy all ‘Gopiyas’ get attracted to him easily. Kleem Mantra gives that type of Attraction Powers which cannot only attract any person but also Materialistic things in this world.

Therefore, Kleem can be called as Love mantra as it works to attract your love. In Case of any Queries about this Mantra, Ask Me in Comment Section.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Chanting Kleem mantra can bring my love back? i found one beautiful and gorgeous female in matrimony website i spoke to her and got connected to her for 4 months.We had a very good rapo.
    After Mahalaya Ammavasye in 2018 next day she stopped talking and communicating like before,i tried calling and texting her many a times but very very less response i was getting.I love her 100% and she used like me very much.In there family members like her sister and mother adviced her that horo is not supporting each other.And her mother is concern about the own house if groom has then only we can proceed.To be honest i have lost everything in my life.Now my focus is to make big money and get my love back in my life and lead happy life.
    With lots of feelings i have drafted this text.What i lost i want it back….
    Please advice and guide me as my Guru, Namasthe

    • Hello Ramesh,

      I Understand your Concern. You should start Chanting Kleem Mantra to Get her back. If your Feelings are true. This Mantra will help you to get your love in your life. But Do Follow the Instructions given to Chant it Properly.

      Also, You can chant Lakshmi mantra to Attract money and Wealth.

      Divine Thanks

  2. Can I use kleem mantra even if my ex is far away from me? I mean we can’t see each other regularly and he stopped talking to me completely.

  3. Hello! It is a pleasure to have access to this content .. Thank you very much for the teaching .. I am not Hindu and I never managed to meditate and sing mantras. But I started researching on mantra Kleem and since then I’ve been able to measure. I’ve been doing it for a week, and during the meditation of 108 times I can see everything I want. I’m singing for the purpose of regaining my ex boyfriend, I love him very much and I really want to reconstitute our relationship, to get married. I play the mantra two to three times a day. Do you think I will succeed? It’s my first time with mantras ..

  4. Dear sir,

    Can just the beej mantra Kleem be chanted to say attract a job offer from another country?
    Or do we need to use it together with others as in Money attraction, Power attraction, Love attraction etc?
    Thank you

  5. Thank you Sir for the prompt reply. You have stated to use the Sai Baba mantra for job attraction besides the Kleem mantra. Unfortunately all the Sai mantras are in Sanskrit/Hindi (?).
    As I don’t know both, could you be kind enough to have the mantras in English alphabets?

    Also, what type of rosary should be used for the Kleem mantra?

    Thank you for all your help Sir.

  6. Good evening, sir, I would like to thank you for the content, for the attention paid to the readers and for the affection with us. I’m doing Mantra Kleem for 21 days, figuring out what I want: to get back together with my fiancé and get married. I still do not get any results, but I still believe and mentalize everything I want during the Mantra, I do it twice a day and I feel very good when I do, I often cry with emotion when I’m mental and can see the scenes I want one day to experience next to my ex boyfriend. Ever since I started doing The Mantra I still have not had any success but I believe I will, he has not yet come to me. What is strange is that in the meantime, an ex-boyfriend of many years ago, after many years sought me (today he is married), with an absurd proposal, saying that he misses me and wanting to be with me himself being married (I would never admit it), but I found it curious because in many places I read that during the 40 days of the mantra, the right person would come to you. Because this man (whom I do not want and today is married) came to me? Do you believe it’s due to the mantra? but he can not be the right man for me because he wanted me just for an adventure and is still married.

  7. Even though I want my ex back, can I just have an intention that please give me him, if it’s good for both of us and then just chant Kleem.
    And then for the next 40 days just chant kleem and not focus on him. Would that work? OR you have to keep focusing on a specific person while chanting? When I focus on a specific person, I feel like I am forcing him to come..I want him to come if we both are good for each other.
    Please suggest.


  8. Hello.Thanks for information regarding kleem mantra. Can I chant two mantra. Together. One mantra 108 times.Then another 108 times.plz also advise me whether Non vegeterian food can be taken or not?

  9. sir…..
    i loved a girl very much and she too. But due to my mistakes & she left me alone and told i will not come ever in ur life. She didnot give me any reason for leaving me alone. now i wanted to come back with her and wanted a happy and joyful life with her. plz tell me how can i get her . i wanted to marry her.

    • Hello Sameer,

      Yes, You can chant this Mantra to attract anything. Just Follow the Proper Steps to Follow 🙂

  10. Can I chant Kamakhya kleem to solve issues relating married life problem.. or just chant kleem.. coz my my wife and me staying separately for more last one year.. due to problems arising out of her having extra-marital affair.

  11. Hello. I was started chatting on Kleem krishnay gopijan vallabhay swaha for 40 days . After that I stopped chantting this. My ex come back to me but he never committed to get married. And since last 15 days he stopped talking me. Please suggest me what should I do. I am waiting for him since last 6 years and I want to marry only with him. He is also interested in me but not taking any decision about to get married.

  12. Namaskarr guruji.. will Kamakhya kleem mantra still work in bringin my wife back .. even if some third person has done some black magic on her.. so that she now doesn’t want to come back from her mother’s place n hates me.. n says that she doesn’t love me anymore.. n doesn’t even allow me to meet our children..

  13. Hello sir. I have some doubts. Please help me . Recenty I have read about Kleem mantras effect. I read that after some period the power of Kleem mantra disappear and the person you attracted have lost interest in you. Is this true? I want to chant it with devotion. Not with any doubts in mind. Thank you.

  14. Dear sir, I have a doubt ….i have seen the effects of Kleem mantra, now I am sure that kleem manifests our desires but I want to ask will it manifest our negative thoughts also? As many times while chanting kleem some negative thoughts also pop-ups in mind.

    • See, Where Ever Our Mind Focuses, It Gets Zoom In. So The Concern is to get a focus on your Object. I Think, Negative things should not be your focus. If negative things arise, Just Ignore them with Calmness and Focus on What you want to attract.
      I will try to write an Article on LOA(Law of Attraction) or Just Google it.

      Divine Thanks

    • Kleem mantra can attract any person or even any material things. But mainly it is used to attract the opposite sex.
      Just Read the Article Properly. You will definitely Understand the Things.


  15. Hello
    I started to write kleem mantra
    Please suggest me proper procedure for writing .
    And bless me please !
    Thabk you

    • Hey Kin,

      There is no proper Procedure to Write it. Just Write the mantra again and again just like we used to get the punishment to write “I will come on time Tomorrow” again and again When We were young.

      God Bless You

  16. so much guruji!
    And we can chant kleem mantra for man too ?
    I started already but i am listening too at 6 am .
    Pls belss me guruji .

  17. Namaste guruji
    Evryday after writing kleem on paper what shold do with the paper ?
    I cant burn in house.
    Cut it and throw ?
    Pls guide me .
    Thank you.

  18. What is the procedure for doing kleem mantra….either I will chant mantra sitting on the bed or in mandir…and is this helpful to get that person which I love most because that one neither want to see me nor talk to me…pls guide me how can i do this and in how many days i will get result

    • Hello Surbhi,

      You can chant it on the bed for in Mandir wherever you feel comfortable and Focused. and Yes, It may help you to get the person. Just Follow the Proper Instructions to Chant it .

      Divine Thanks

  19. Hi, I am looking help from you. My husband is leaving in separation from last 6 months. He is giving divorce and I want him to be back in my life. Can chanting will improve things to Get back my husband. What procedure should I follow and how many days it will take to fix everything.

    • Hi, I am looking help from you. My husband is living in separation from last 6 months. He is giving divorce and I want him to be back in my life. Can chanting will improve things to Get back my husband. What procedure should I follow and how many days it will take to fix everything. I have only 4/5 days, because he is starting divorce proceeding after 5 days. Please reply ASAP, thanks .

      • Hello Deep,

        First of All, Try to Be Relax and start chanting Kleem mantra with Positive Thinking. Imagine, You and Your Husband are Living Happily Together and chant This Mantra following the Proper Instructions.

        Hope for the Best. May God Bless You.

  20. My hubby never commit to me and very shrewd when it comes to money. He loves his mother very much so he is totally committed to her in fact he gives her everything she asks for. And when I ask him for help he just get mad at me and expecting me to help him with money instead. Can chanting kleem help? And what is the siddhi of kleem? I mean how many chants to reach siddhi with kleem? How do I use it to manifest wealth in my life?

  21. Hello, what is the siddhi of Kleem?
    I have been chanting Kleem mantra for more than several days now with 10 rounds x 108 of my rudraksha mala. So totally I had been chanting Kleem for over 21000 times.

  22. Hi
    I got to know about kleem mantra yesterday from youtube and also read about it after that on google articles,I have some doubts.
    I am in a happy relationship with my guy and I want to do this mantra for prosperity,abundance and wealth not to attract my past as am happy in my present I read some articles where it is mentioned that opposite sex can be attracted to you physically i neither want that…so I am kinda confused?

  23. I am a Divorcee and I want a honest good wife and love in my life. Please suggest besides kleem mantra wat other mantra I can use with kleem mantra

    • Kleem Mantra is Best Mantra for this Case. You can also create Vision Board to visualise your dream Properly. We are planning to write a Blog on “Vision Board” But for now, You can search on Google about it.

      Divine Thanks

  24. My loved one is not interested on me as I did many mistake in my life but now I realized my mistakes and begging him to marry me but he don’t want to marry me …..Soo plzz I want him to forgive all my mistakes and I want him to marry me true heartly …and should love me more ND more ….. Sir plzz tell .wat mantra should I chant for this…

    • Hello Shalini,

      You should chant Kleem Mantra 108 Times a Day and Follow the Proper process to Chant the Mantra. I Hope, Everything will be fine soon.

      Divine Thanks

  25. I am very depressed now because whom I love the most is not even interested in talk to me…i did kleem kamakhya mantra for 21 days regularly but it doesn’t show any single good sign….please suggest me what can i do…i really want that he truly love me

  26. Hiii sir. Myself Rajat. I’m a college going student I wanna do something in modeling industry but I don’t have Good looks nor I have an attractive personalty. Will this chatting kleem mantra make me look Handsome and charming. Will this mantra make me look more attractive. Do help!!!

  27. Hello Sir,
    I am a single mom with two little kids. My husband left us and started living with his mom and brothers for last 1 year. I live abroad without any help from extended family.
    Currently he wants to divorce me and wants to take the kids so he doesn’t have to pay any money. His family doesn’t want me in the family because my husband is the breadwinner for them.
    Sir, he shows hateret when he speaks to me.
    Should I chant imagine him to get things in better condition? Feeling really helpless.
    Please reply .

  28. Hello Sir, my ex bf is Muslim and I am still Hindu. We never had any problem related to each other’s religion. But We had misunderstandings and he moved from Dubai in Aug first week. We were still talking it each other, but he has completely detached me. I cry whole day sometime, I have lost interest in life. Can I spell Kleem mantra to get him back. I believe we loved each other honestly. Please help

  29. I was in a relationship for 5 years.. But after 5 years he broke up with me and attracted on another girl.. He told me that he has no feelings for me.. How can I attract him… I want to stay with him till death.. If I chant kleem mantra will the problem be solved??

  30. Hello, I would like information on the mantra kleem … I am in a love affair, but I have the feeling that it is ending, I would like to know if with mantra I can solve my problems with my man! Some time ago I did the kleem for another, but he wasn’t my boyfriend, he came back but after a while, he went away again … I did the kleem again but he never came back … Now if I do the kleem on my man, can it happen that then after a lucky period, he goes away anyway? I don’t want to lose it


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