Cat eye gemstone Benefits

Cat Eye Gemstone Benefits, Price & How to Wear it

What is Cat Eye Gemstone ?

It is a gemstone which got its name from the cat’s eye as it looks probably like Cat’s Eye in its Physical Appearance.

In our Indian culture, every gemstone has its own importance but the cat’s eye gemstone is one of the most powerful stones that can help you in many ways. It’s quite expensive and highly polished. It has immense energy. It is known to be having superior magical forces that help you to achieve success by focusing on your goals.

It increases your concentration level. It is directly connected with the “Ketu” planet which is known for spirituality. If you want to achieve good results in professional or Personal Life then you should try wearing this stone. But every stone has some Boundations. You should wear stones according to your horoscope by consulting a good gemologist.

As we have got an idea about this Stone, let’s talk about its benefits now.

Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone attracts success by optimizing your knowledge and Concentration Levels. It also gives you the strength to face all the problems in your life. It protects you from dangers, & evil’s eye. It also helps you to become more energetic which not only improves Professional Life but also Relations.Basically There is a Huge List of Cat Eye Gemstone Benefits

It can shifts your mindset from a negative situation to Positive One. It also Boosts Concentration Power to make our mind focused on our work.

It has Huge Health Benefits. It can increase your Body Immunity by curing diseases like low blood pressure, stomach problems, asthma, depression, paralysis.  it can improve the ability and quality of your vision. It has the power to heal different diseases and helps you to live a better life.

Cat’s eye gemstone is a stone which has an intense heating effect which also helps in healing our body pains. That comes out to be another Heath Optimizer.

It can helps you to develop your creative Ideas and can motivate you to focus on your dreams and fulfil it. It saves you from getting distracted for luxurious material things like home, cars, lifestyle etc. it develops your understanding ability, it also develops your vision.

It’s a lucky charm for those who wear it and helps you to aware of your surroundings. It guides you the right path. It saves you from all the negativity around you and makes your life wonderful.  It saves you from taking the risk and becoming more active and your mind will start working with full concentration.

With the help of this lucky gemstone, you will be able to take care of your family, friends, business and relations. and you can achieve everything whatever you want to. If you wear it, No one can stop you to achieve your goals.

This stone has impressive benefits but they have some side effects too.

Let’s have a look!

Side Effects of Cat Eye Gem

If you are suffering from cold, fever, rashes, hypertension, pimples, etc. You should avoid wearing cat eye stone because This Gemstone is quiet Hot in it existence of nature.

It is also advised to avoid it for people who are suffering from head problems.   

How To Wear the Cat’s Eye Gemstone

As we know it is a precious gem, you should follow some instructions by the guidance of the best gemologist or astrologer.
Basically, every stone has some specific days to wear the stone according to your horoscope. It is advised to wear cat eye gem stone ring on Tuesday evening during (shukal paksh) near sunrise time. 
When you are wearing cat’s eye gem stone, Do Follow these Steps to get it Neutralised and Charged it with Positive Energy to get the results as desired.

  1. Firstly, you must clean the ring Using Ganga Water followed by pure milk(unboiled cow milk) and then rinse it well in tulsi leaves and honey.
  2. Dip the ring at least for 10 -15 clean it properly.
  3. Afterwards, You can wear this stone but you should recite this mantra ‘Om ketave namah.’ while wearing your ring it will start works!
  4. Make Sure, Stone should be touching your finger for better results.
  5. Also, You will feel Heavy as It has a high specific gravity that should be heavier than an average stone of the same size.

Cat Eye Gemstone is Preferred to worn in the middle finger of the right hand for Best Results.

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How to Identify the Cat’s Eye Stone is Real or Fake?

  1. Try Rubbing it with a Silk Cloth, It shines more when it is rubbed with a cloth.
  2.  When you put in the dark, this gem shines like an actual eye of a cat.

To Conclude, I just want you to Refer some Good Gemologist or an Astrologer before wearing any of the stone as Stone may be a Cure to your problem but your Problem need to identified to get its cure i.e Gemstone. In Case of any Query, Please Ask me in Comment Section. I will try to answer to your Problems regarding the Cat Eye Gemstone.



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