Best Switchwords for Total Health { REACH HEALTHY BE } & to Boost Immunity

list of Switchwords for Good Health

Hello Friends, This Article is about the Application of Switchwords for Health. I wrote a Previous Article about the Best Switchword for Weight Loss. But This Article is Focussed to Achieve Perfect Health. As Our Ancestors also said, The Greatest Wealth is Health.

What does Good Health Mean?

According to WHO, Term “Health” means a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. It refers not only to the absence of diseases but also the good Immunity to protect our body from diseases. Healthy Body also consists of an Emotional and Psychological Balance which is free from stress and anxiety to enjoy life and use your complete potential to achieve desires.

Live a Healthy Life

So What you Think, Are You Healthy ??

I wish You would answer “Yes” to my Question but most of us are living a non-healthy life, That’s a Sad Reality.

Do you know? Healthy Diet, Daily Exercise and protection from diseases can improve one’s health. But These things require Habits to be Changed.

A connection of Person’s Health with Sub-Conscious Mind

Everything that Happens at Conscious level begins from a Sub-Conscious Level. Thinking of Fear of getting any disease actually attracts diseases to your body. Even Our Daily Habits are governed by the Sub-conscious mind. So To make a new Habit, You need to train your Subconscious mind to improve your health.

To Work on Sub-Conscious mind, Best Solution is Switchword.

If you are new to Switchwords? Switchwords are some words which change the mind frequency to train your subconscious mind to achieve the required results. It’s just like a mother gets a smile on her face after listening to her Child’s Name. So For her, Her child’s name is a Switchword. Listening to her child’s name not only gets a smile on her face, but it also changes her mood completely.

Let’s move to Use of Switchwords for Perfect Health and How We Can Chant it.

List of Switchwords for Health

Chanting of this Switchword can help you to improve your immune system whose work is to protect our body from the Virus and Bacteria causing harmful diseases. More You Will Chant, More You will attract Immunity. That’s a Simple Law. This Switchword is recommended for every individual whether you are suffering from any disease or not. It is very Helpful for all.

Basically, This Switchword consist of 2 Switchwords i.e TOGETHER which is a master Switchword which helps to master on any activity or work by joining all efforts at one place to do something. CHANGE is a Switchword which helps you to get something out of your scope or eye or it also helps you to get rid of physical and mental pain. So Combining these two Switchwords can help to get rid of any disease. This Switchword is for people who are suffering from any disease and want to get rid of it.

This Switchword is very helpful not only to improve mental health but also boost mood for the people who are suffering from any disease and getting negative thoughts all the time about their diseases.

This Switchword comprises of 3 very powerful Switchwords which make it very powerful to achieve good health. This is again a general and Powerful Switchword which can be Chanted by anyone(Diseased/Non-Diseased) just to attract good health as mentioned in the definitions stated above.

How to Chant these Switchwords for Perfect Health

Basically, There is no preset convention about the way of chanting these Switchwords. You can either chant it or write it down on a piece of paper. The Simple Rule is “More the times, You will chant or Write, You will achieve more Results”.

What Will Happen when you Chant these Switchword

I have added this column in this article just to ensure you about the working of these Switchwords. As some people don’t believe in these mantras.
Actually, When you chant any of above-mentioned Switchword, Your mind will start getting trained to work in a path of achieving Healthy Body. Basically Chanting it will give a hidden command to your subconscious mind to work in a way of becoming healthy. So Your daily habits will start changing slowly which is a major cause of improvements. Also, Your Brain will start accepting the treatment of the disease in a better way to achieve good results in a very short period of time.

Best Switchwords for health


But the most important thing is that “You should Chant these Switchwords as much as you can” and live a Healthy Life. If you still have any query, You can ask in Comment Section. 🙂


  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing. Wanted to know if I can chant all the SW one after the other?. What’s the gap duration if I need to keep between each. How many can I chant at one time. Would appreciate if you could shed more light on the same.

    • Hi Minal,

      Thanks for Commenting. See You should focus on one Switchword at one time to train your mind effectively. So That you could get better results. Start Chanting one of the Switchword 108 times a Day at least for a week and see the difference. Accordingly, you can change the Switchword for chanting to get the desired results. I just guide you to focus on one switchword for a particular time period.

  2. Is “venus hole curve amazing praise” a good switch word? this is to improve attractiveness.

  3. Do i have to chant all the words ,or only particular word to stay heathy from any disease..give me one word to chant everyday..

    • Hello,

      Yeah, You can Chant this, if you even english is not your native language. But Knowing the meaning of the words will be advantageous for you .

      Divine Thanks

    • Hello Rekha,

      First of all, I Thank you for your Comment.

      Also, You can chant it with any pitch, or in mind at temple or whatever place you want.

      Divine Thanks

  4. I need to know the switchwords for recovery of my baby’s health.
    As she is only 4month old and suddenly she is suffering from stomach problems and cold and cough.

    • You can try Singing these keywords in front of him to let her problems go away and i will pray to god to get her well soon.

      Thanks & Regards

  5. Helloo Sir…Suddenly my 7 years old boy is I’ll and now doctor is suspecting diabetes… please help me to come out of this situation. Tomorrow we have to go for blood report. Any thing to get reports norma

    • Hello Swati,

      Its very strange that your little is going through such a bad time. If your little Kid is facing a Diabetes Issue. Consult any good Doctor to check his Pancreas as Diabetes usually happens due to Problem in Pancreas in this age. Meanwhile, You can chant the switchwords mentioned above for him.

      God Bless Him <3

  6. Hi could you please tell switchword for my baby’s weight gain, he is a premature baby he is very thin, I will wait for your reply. Thanks


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