Best Reiki Table Sheets

10 Best Reiki Table Sheets of 2022

When a client enters your clinic, the very first thing that clicks to his mind is about the cleanliness and the client sees your table representation and checks the material of reiki sheets while going for the session.

Before Elaborating on the List of Top Rated Reiki Table Sheets, I would love to tell you about the Reiki sessions.

What Are Reiki Sessions?

Reiki is a graceful healing art that is neither a massage nor affiliated with any kind of religion or religious practice. Reiki sessions are very relaxing experience sessions that help in stress reduction. A reiki session is usually held for 60-90 minutes which is very comfortable and a great investment in itself.

If you plan to take a Reiki session and have a good table but not a comfortable massage sheet, you should invest your money in amazing and pleasant massage table sheets wisely.

You feel comfortable, cosy with the perfect table sheets. This article will help you select the Best Reiki Table Sheets 2022

, which I have shortlisted through my research and personal experiences. Some of the best healing sheets that you will enjoy while taking the reiki session or any therapy session in the future.

Best Reiki Table Sheets Comparision Table

Best Reiki Table Sheets Reviews of 2022

1) Master Massage Table Flannel Sheet– The Best Massage Sheet

Master Massage Table Flannel Sheet- The Best massage Sheets

Since 1998, Master Massage specializes in professional quality massage tables, massage chairs, and massage accessories. Their only dedication is to enhance their massage experience.

Master Massage Table Flannel Sheet is an eco-friendly best massage table sheet that is totally made up of 100% natural cotton without mixing any other fabric in it. It is very light in weight having only 5.5 ounces, and it’s handmade too. The fabric of these table sheets keeps you warm and makes you feel comfortable when you have your session.

This is pre shrunken cotton that allows the sheets to provide a comfortable and cozy experience for your client, warming, cooling, and soothing all at once. The aster massage table flannel sheet comes in various sizes and colors, and it is very durable and stretchable, which enhances your massage experience.

The fitted face cover is designed for comfort and will protect your headrest from facial oils and makeup, and also of its double-brushed process, and you feel really great.

  • It is easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Its double-brushed makes you feel comfortable.
  • It is pre shrunken, so you don’t have to worry about after washing it will shrink or not.
  • Material is not good.
  • After the wash, it will get fuzzy sometimes.
  • Build quality is not so good.

2) ForPro Premium Flannel Sheet – The Best Natural Reiki Sheets

ForPro Premium Flannel Sheet- Top rated reiki sheetsThe Forpro is the professional best brand that represents the largest assortment of a variety of professional products such as spa, massage, manicure, and pedicure markets. Every Best product of this brand is made according to the standards designs of salon professionals which come to meet their professional demands.

It is well designed by experts to protect massage tables and provide a comfortable experience with the best healing reiki sheets. It is made from 86 thread count, 150 gsm cotton, and very lightweight with pure cotton. This high-quality material is durable, long-lasting, and made for commercial and home use.

The sheets and face rest cover are hemmed with an extra-firm elastic that provides a tight fit for all standard-sized massage tables and massage face cradles. The double-combined cotton flannel massage sheets are designed to comfort and protect massage tables against makeup, lotion, and oil stains.

  • Built quality is good
  • It is very durable and long-lasting sheets.
  • It is made of pure cotton.
  • Can be used for home and commercial purpose.
  • Very light-weighted.
  • You can not dry-clean these sheets
  • It is not pre shrunken.

3)Therapist’s Choice Disposable Healing Massage Table Sheet

Therapist’s Choice "Waterproof" Fitted Disposable Massage Table Sheet- the best healing massage table sheet

This is the top-rated healing massage sheet is made up of Polypropylene nonwoven fabric coated with a Polyethylene waterproofing lining on both sides. It’s sort of a soft paper-like material coated with a thin layer of plastic, it’s much more durable and softer than paper.

Also, with the sheets going over it, you don’t have to worry about any oil, lotion, or who knows what seeping onto your fleece. You can change it depending on what the circumstances and client therapy were. But you can use it underneath the sheets for more than one client.

These sheets last a long time if you need them to. If you use oil on your table place, those on top of the pad and beneath the sheet, it will be a Great saver of your pad. It comes in a universal size and fits all tables easily. These are the best reiki sheets when you’re using oils that you don’t want to transfer onto your table.

  • Fits in all kind of tables
  • It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the oil stains thing.
  • It is comfortable and makes you feel warm.
  • It is disposable and also can be used again and again if you want to.
  • It is expensive
  • Not ideal for massage. Better for cupping, acupuncture, or for a modality with no movement, oils, or creams.

4) Premium American Pillowcase Massage Table Sheets

Premium American Pillowcase Massage Table Sheets- The best quality reiki sheets

American Pillowcase provides the best quality massage table sheet sets to meet your needs. Made from poly-cotton, the sheets provide a comfortable experience well suited for the most glamorous of spas.

These well-constructed reiki table sheets are nearly universal as they fit even the largest tables nicely and still provide room for patient coverage. Made from high-quality yarns, the sheets are nearly wrinkleless, absorb sweat, have a soft texture, yet are durable enough to be washed every day.

“These are poly-cotton, so you can wash in warm or hot water, tumble dry medium. Do not bleach. You should not need to iron these, but ironing is fine”.

This set of reiki sheets looked nice and fit perfectly. They were not as soft, but they did seem to soften a little after washing, hoping that they would continue to soften over time. Considering how hard it was for me to find a set of sheets for our massage table at a reasonable price, I am taking this into account.

If I have to compare them to regular bed sheet sets, the score would have been lower. Still, I would recommend it if you are looking for a set of massage table sheets at a very economical price.

  • It is a blend of polyester and cotton which makes you feel warm and comfortable.
  • Lightweight
  • They became Pilley and rough in a few months.
  • It is smelly.
  • Build quality is not so good.

5) OMNI LINENS 12 New White Massage Table– Top Rated Reiki Sheets

OMNI LINENS 12 New White Massage Table sheet- The top rated reiki sheets

This peaceful muslin linen set from Omni Linens is the product for the Best Reiki therapist. It also is used for various places like homes, hotels, Spa, Physical Therapy clinics, college Dorms, and hospitals.

So, we can see that these can be used as top-rated reiki sheets for many purposes and in many places. Therefore, this product is very durable and long-lasting because of the great build quality. This sheet is easy to clean and very comfortable, and you feel cozy during the reiki session.

  • Can be used for various places like school, hospitals, etc.
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • Build quality is also good.
  • Too expensive at this price range among others

6) Massage Table Sheet Set 3 Piece Microfiber Machine Washable

Saloniture 3-Piece Microfiber Massage Table Sheet Set - best quality reiki sheetsThis three-piece microfiber top-rated professional massage table sheet is only ideally durable for commercial use. So, if you are planning to buy it for a home purpose then you should not go for this. It is super soft, durable, and very long-lasting.

Another advantage of buying this reiki sheet is that it is wrinkled less no matter how you are folding or not ironing these sheets; this remains the same. It also has stain-resistant and resistant to dust mites.

The web linen massage table sheet has a 95 gsm, and 100% brushed polyester, making these sheets more durable and comfortable during the reiki session. The fitted face cover is designed for comfort and will protect your headrest from facial oils and makeup, and also of its double-brushed process, and you feel really great.

  • Wrinkle-free.
  • Stain and oil resistance.
  • Very durable.
  • It can use it for long-lasting.
  • Resistant to dust mites.
  • Can only be used commercially, not for home-usage.
  • Not build for smaller tables.

7) Premium Microfiber Massage Table Sheet Set by NRG

Premium Microfiber Massage Table Sheet Set- Top rated reiki sheets

NRG Premium Massage Sheet Sets are the best quality massage sheets with perfect sets of colors for any massage table. We offer a variety of colors and materials: 100% Cotton Flannel, 100% Double Brushed Cotton, 100% Double Brushed Microfiber Polyester, and 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blends.

There are also various set combinations, including all Flat, all Fitted, and Three Piece massage table sets including Flat, Fitted, and Cradle Covers. They definitely lose elasticity and show oil stains after many uses, but I think they would last longer than most other sheet sets out there for a spa constantly going through them.

They fit wonderfully over a standard massage table with arm extenders attached, whereas flannel sheets struggle to reach overall corners. Super recommended, especially in the pretty brown color. They fit perfectly over a standard massage table with arm extenders attached, whereas other material sheets struggle to reach overall corners.

  • Super soft and light-weighted.
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Thick in size and very comfortable.
  • When you drying this sheet after you can see some stains left.

8) 3-Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set by Body Linen – The Best Linen Reiki Sheets

3-Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set by Body Linen - The Best Linen Reiki Sheets

This three-piece flannel best massage sheet by body linen comes with various colour options and in every size. Its double-brushed, high-quality 100% cotton flannel is exquisitely soft and gentle on the skin.

The 3-Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set by Body Linen is elementary to clean, suitable to machine wash and hang dry on a clothesline, or you can use a machine dryer. You can wash as many times because of its manufacturing.

It is re-washable and re-usable, so it is very durable and can be used for long-lasting. It comes in many colours, such as natural, white, blue, lilac, sage, and chocolate. It is fitted so nicely on the massage table so that the extra firm non-latex elastic borders give a snug fit that lasts.

  • It comes in many colours options.
  • Properly fit for all sizes of the tables.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Build quality is not so good
  • Fabric is not of good quality.
  • Not stain and oil-free.

9) Body Linen Abundance Deluxe Quilted Fleece Massage Sheet– Best Healing Reiki Sheet Pads

9 Body Linen Abundance Deluxe Quilted Fleece Massage Table Pad - Best quality reiki sheets

With Body Linen, you can take your clients in confidence that these massage sheets are top quality sheets that will be 100% comfortable, and feel relaxed throughout the entire massage. Body Linen products are made specifically for professional massage tables, and for those experts that want to deliver the highest level of service.

This is made with a generous 480 GSM polyester fill sandwiched between a microfiber fleece layer and microfiber sheet material for a total quilted thickness of 1.5 inches. The quilted appearance gives it a unique look, and the microfiber fleece makes it incredibly soft.

Unlike typical poly fleece pads, our microfiber pads do not shed anywhere near as much. This extra soft and fluffy table pad is unlike the massage table pads you may have purchased in the past.

The material is extra soft and fluffy and maintains it’s shaping. Clients will really like the soft cushy feel beneath sheets leading to better relaxation and better results. Besides comfort, one of the key improvements is that the microfiber fleece does not shed in the laundry, unlike other fleece pads.

The healing massage sheets do not make a mess coming out of the dryer or shed while you’re putting it on the table. Since it launders without degrading, you won’t be afraid to launder this pad, and it also dries faster than standard pads. This has long been a key frustration point for standard polyester fleece table pads.

Well, it is super comfortable, and as long as you have a system to wash and clean often, I think it will be a great asset to all massage or facial tables; it’s all about comfort for our clients.

  • It is comfortable when you lying and you will feel warmed.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • It is not pre shrunken, so when you wash these sheets, it may be shrink.
  • It is not stretchable fabric.
  • You can not wash this with cold water.

10) Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set– Top Rated Reiki Sheets

Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set - Top Rated Reiki sheets

This deluxe Top- rated massage table sheet is made of poly-cotton which is a blend of polyester and cotton fabrics that makes your client feel comfortable, warm, and cozy. Its construction is made of 170 thread count soft of 45% polyester and 55% cotton blend.

These are functional sheets for massage; however, they are thin, the cut and finish are a bit slapdash, and the flat sheet is not “overly ample” in size. The fitted bottom sheet does fit for every different size.

If you need a set of sheets to cover a table, these will work, but if you want a set of sheets that clients will enjoy being on/under…you might want to look for a thicker and larger set.

The Deluxe Massage Sheets are very easy to clean, machine-friendly, and hang on a dry clothesline. I recommend avoiding this brand and saving your patience and money because it shrinks after some wash.

  • Light in weight
  • Soft fabrics that make your client or individual feel comfortable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It shrinks after some wash
  • Build quality is poor.
  • Not recommended for this price you can find better.

Final Verdict

I hope you find this article helpful and able to guide you well in selecting one of the best massage table sheets for the reiki sessions for your client for commercial as well as home purposes. Through my experience, Master Massage Table Flannel Sheet is the Best Massage Sheet that anyone can use for professional as well as personal use.

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