Heart Meet Soul is a Spiritual & Religious Blog that aims to solve your daily life Health, Mental & Physical issues by following the path of Spirituality. Our Aim is confined not only to solve these issues, But we also want to aware people of the different Myths and Misconceptions regarding the people’s Old mindset which we have categorized in Superstitious Myths.

We Help People to :

Be Spiritual, Not Religious.

Usually, People think these two words similar. But there is a huge difference between ‘Being Spiritual’ and ‘Being Religious’. A person is said to be religious who follows the specific set of organized beliefs and Practices usually shared by a community or group which is called religion(Dharm) and the person is said to be spiritual who follows the individual practice to find the deep meaning and purpose of life. Being Spiritual is quite a practical or scientific approach to live a life. We will try to clear this gap by writing a detailed article on the same.

Heart Meet Soul consists of 3 words ‘Heart’ which is considered to be the seat of feelings, ‘Soul’ is the spiritual and immaterial part of human beings which is immortal. Hence the word ‘Heart Meet Soul’ implies the Meeting of Soul and Heart which is the core goal of spirituality. In Spirituality, We Believe The God Lies in our Heart and Awfcrs, God is just a True Soul.

The Goal of this Blog is to aware People of the Different Healing Techniques available in this Universe which are more effective and easy which can be used to heal the physical, mental & spiritual issues such as Switchwords, Bach Flower remedies, Reiki Healing, Cosmic Healing, etc